A Brain Twister
The most educational trivia game for iOS is here with more than 12,000 original questions for online and offline play, available in English and Greek!
Solo or Group Play
For solo play or team battles, Mind the Buzz will challenge even the most demanding brains. With an incredible average of 5-star rating, the game packs 12 knowledge topics into one awesome app!
Twist your brain.
Mind the Buzz has already conquered the Greek App Store and is now available for the rest of the world. 12,000 original questions, 12 knowledge topics, Wikipedia links after each question and awesome badges are some of the groovy features waiting for you!

First launched in November 2012 in Greece only, Mind the Buzz managed to ride the top of the Greek App Store in less than 24 hours. With hundreds of fantastic reviews, huge media coverage and over 2.2 million games played, it was about time to launch its global version.

What makes it so special, apart from its vast content in two languages, is the fact you can actually learn more about every subject, by following valid Wikipedia links provided for all 12,000 questions! Being able to play both online and offline, makes the experience more handy, while the funky “Group” mode transforms the game to the most entertaining board battle with cool avatars and challenging brain teasers. Want more? How about challenging your Facebook friends for the top score in your favorite topic?

Mind the Buzz is the most educational trivia game with an average of 5-star rating that proves its edge.


Pick your favorite topic and nail it: Science, Movies & TV, Geography, History, Sports, Technology, Music, Nature, Lifestyle, and Arts! For a total mix of genius, try “Total Buzz”, while “Mission:Imbossible” is a brainy dynamite only for the toughest ones.


Unlock exciting badges and transform into a Rocketeer, an Oscarholic, a Brain-hacker or even a Maestro! Once you do, you can officially brag about your genius!


Play “solo” to twist your brain and challenge your Facebook friends for the highest score, or choose “group” for the ultimate team confrontation. Pick your funky avatar, select switch or chill mode and let the battle begin!


Learn more about a subject by following the Wikipedia link next to each of the 12,000 questions! Proving your genius is one thing. Boosting your brain once in a while is the perfect recipe for mastering everything!

The Team
Jason Kritikos
Head Developer
News 1

Motto: Nothing is impossible

Breathing technology, Jason makes things work. With a large experience in tech and telecom companies, he’s always ahead of things and dreams of a future where everything will be wireless.

Other passions: photography, music, travel, gadgets and his daughter Phaedra.

Christina Sigala
Marketer & Designer
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Motto: Get things done

A romantic perfectionist, Christina is the heart of our innovation process, with a unique combination of strategic skills and creative genius. She holds an MBA and a long experience with international brands.

Other passions: fashion, travel, art, motherhood, and taking care of stray animals.

Panos Meritzis
Content Manager
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Motto: Whatever you are, be a good one

A passionate gamer, Panos knows everything about games, riddles and challenges. Disciplined and organized, he thrives in creating original content and giving life to our ideas.

Other passions: fishing, puzzles, cult movies, and his dog-child Cassy.

Press & Reviews
With hundreds of 5-star reviews in the App Store, Mind the Buzz has charmed even the most demanding trivia champs!

Over 200 articles, reviews and interviews from the Greek press!

 This app is certainly the talk of the talk around trivia games!  - PC MAGAZINE
 You want to test your brain till your fingers cramp!  - COSMOPOLITAN
 The economic crisis probably enhanced Greeks’ creativity!  - IPHONER
 Mind the Buzz: At the top of the Greek App Store!  - KATHIMERINI
 A different trivia game, with a high degree of addiction!  - ATHINORAMA
 An addictive trivia game made in Greece.  - IPHONEHELLAS
 The most contagious trivia app that won the top of the Greek App Store in 24 hours!  - YUPIII
21-Apr-2014 Congratulations

Great game, worth its money! Both an encyclopedia and a game!

4-Feb-2014 Very Good!

Good job. The most important thing about trivia games is having valid questions that are not repeated. You’ve nailed it. Keep going!

14-Aug-2013 The best of the best!

I honestly waited for a decent trivia game and I finally found it! Congratulations! For the first time I believe that this app is worth far more its price. I’d give much more to buy it!

12-Aug-2013 Perfect

After the update, the game has become even better! Well-done guys!! Is there a 10 star rating?

31-Jul-2013 Addictive and fun game

Extremely fun game. It makes you want to test your knowledge in a competitive environment where every second counts. Congratulations to the creators!

29-Jul-2013 Expected Excellence

New group features, wiki info, etc. Once again a big bravo to a game that continues to upgrade and improve constantly, respecting the end user.

21-Feb-2013 Evge Greeks!

Finally a game that while you play, you can learn too!

Fun Facts
We thirst for knowledge and we love sharing it with beautiful images. Below are some hand-picked fun facts that will blow your mind!

SPOILER ALERT - These fun facts are part of the “hard” questions of Mind the Buzz – along with another 3,500 :)

image 01


Stephen Hawking’s voice is on Pink Floyd’s song «Keep Talking»!
image 02


The elephant is the only mammal in the world that cannot jump.
image 03


The first domain registered in the history of Internet is Symbolics.com.
image 04


Only 2500 climbers have managed to reach the top of Everest till today.
image 05


The Louvre has the largest number of visitors from all the museums in the world, with 15,000 visitors per day!
image 06


Our eyes remain the same in size throughout our lives.
image 07


The lowest temperature ever recorded on earth is -89.2 °C.
image 08


Walt Disney holds the ultimate Oscar-record, since he was nominated for 59 and won 22 Oscar trophies!
image 09


Plato once said: “It is impossible to improve the world if we don’t improve thyselves first”.
image 10


The world record for the longest penalty shoot-out in a first class match is 48 penalties!
image 11


Dogs’ «fingertip» is their own unique nose!
image 12


The world’s highest waterfall is «Angel Falls» in Venezuela, with a height of 979m!
image 13


It is estimated that 2/3 of polar bears will be extinct by 2050.
image 14


Pac-Man has entered MoMa along with 13 video games that are considered «art»!
image 15


The Prodigy band was named after the “Moog Prodigy” synthesizer.
image 16


The world record for the fastest serve recorded is held by Sam Groth at 263 km/h!
image 17


The original Post-it notes' yellow color was chosen by accident.
image 18


New York’s original name was New Amsterdam and was renamed in 1667 to honor the Duke of York.
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